Candle Catcher

The Candle Catcher is a chart anomaly detector, which looks for moments when the market behaves in an unusual way in order to profit from the correction.

It consists of two alerts: preparation and execution.

  1. Prepare: This first signal for the preparation of the whole operation while waiting for the next confirmation message and that you have more time to open the Exchange and prepare the currencies (may vary in the final notice). It also indicates if the operation is a Short or a Long.


  1. Execute: As soon as it detects the anomaly, the execution signal appears. This is the moment when you can already make long/short in the coin that appears in THIS signal. The coins in the setup prompt may be good, but this is not the recommendation.


RECOMMENDATIONS: Follow the signal immediately. Following the signal late means not obtaining the expected results.

Always pay attention to the coins of the second signal. HOW TO OBTAIN NOTICES OF THE CC: Click on the emoticon of the candlestick in the #notification-roles channel of Discord.

Access the Telegram of the CC notifications: ⚠️ In this channel, only the Discord notification is notified.

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