What is AutoCrypto Guardian?

AutoCrypto Guardian is a tool to store your BSC tokens so that if a honey, rug or other malicious contract change occurs, AutoCrypto Guardian will sell them for you before it happens, so you won't lose your tokens. Even if you deposit your tokens in AutoCrypto Guardian, you can also sell them as soon as you want. The reliability of AutoCrypto Guardian is not 100%, because every day new ways of scamming are created and the tool has to be updated.

AutoCrypto Guardian is currently in Beta stage.

How to use AutoCrypto Guardian? You can use AutoCrypto Guardian from the AutoCrypto Swap by directly purchasing the token of your choice and checking the Guardian box or by purchasing tokens from other platforms and adding them by hand in the AutoCrypto Guardian tab. 1. Buying from AutoCrypto Swap:

Enter the token you want to buy and check the box "Protect tokens with Guardian (+0.01 BNB). Remember that if you use this procedure, you save transfer fees in case the token has them.

2. Adding the tokens in AutoCrypto Guardian:

Select the Guardian tab and click "Add Token".

Add the address of the purchased token, the amount and the transfer slippage (most of them are 0), Approve and then Guard Token. Remember that, when you deposit your tokens in the Guardian, they disappear from your wallet, in the same way that happens with Vesting.

Once you have your tokens protected in the Guardian, you have the option of sending them back to your wallet or selling them directly.

You can either transfer back to your wallet or sell the token directly. If you use one of these two options no commission is charged, as commissions are only charged once AutoCrypto Guardian sells for you ahead of any malicious contract changes.

What are the fees for using this service?

AutoCrypto Guardian can be used by anyone who has an account on the AutoCrypto website, whether they are a holder or not. However, the fees you will pay depend exclusively on your level.

The activation fee for using AutoCrypto Guardian is the same for everyone and consists of 0.01 BNB.

In case AutoCrypto Guardian saves your tokens against a scam the commissions will be:

  • No Tier: 20%

  • Beginner Tier: 15%

  • Initiate Tier: 10%

  • Pro Tier: 5%

  • Elite Tier: 2%

In the following AMA from minute 18:00 you can see how it work

Remember that AutoCrypto Guardian is not infallible, if you detect a token that AutoCrypto Guardian has not protected your tokens correctly you can fill in the following form. This is for information purposes only, not as a complaint.

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