AutoCrypto Calls

First of all, you must join AutoCrypto Discord Server here or in AutoCrypto Swap in the Dashboard You can find it there:
Starred Calls: This calls are the best calls our bots provide. There's no platform filter, you can find BSC, ETH, Avalanche, etc.
Starred Calls BSC: This calls are the same as starred calls but filtered just for BSC Platform
💰 Wallets: This channel follows the movements of certain whale addresses that are performing well lately. This service is unactive at the moment.
🔓 Locksmith: This channel tracks the BSC new tokens that just block liquidity which usually leads to a price increase.
📷 Flash Loans: This calls are triggered when a token price decreases very fast which usually is followed by a price recovery.
💩 Listing Poo: This channel tracks when a new coin is being promoted in Poocoin ads service.
🧢 Listings CMC: This calls are triggered when an event occurs in the CMC ecosystem that is pointing to a new token listing there.
❄️ Dextools Signal: This service keeps a time live list of the Dextools Hottest Pais listing and notifies new incorporations to both the Top 15 $ Top 10
🕵🏻 Privileged Info: In this channel publish calls gathered in paid private channels.
Approves No Liq: In this channel, we keep running a live list of tokens with no Liquidity yet that are gathering approves. These tokens are new releases with Fomo
🦎 Listings Coingecko: This calls are triggered when an event occurs in the Coingecko ecosystem that is pointing to a new token listing there.
🔀 Listing Exchanges: In this channel, we publish tokens that are going to be released in a popular exchange currently tracked: Bitmart, Hotbit, CoinTiger, BKEX, Binance, Kucoin, Kraken & LBank
🤖 Autobot: This channel published the trades of our automatic bot that is gathering liquidity for AutoCrypto Project.


  • Always check that the token has liquidity.
  • In Flash Loans look always that the contract is verified.
  • Perform a HoneyCheck before Investing, you can use the command !honey for that in Discord Server or use our AntiHoney Swap in the AutoCrypto Dashboard
  • Do Your Own Research