Frequently Asked Questions
  • Is AI safe? Yes, we work hard to implement a safe investment environment and we have designated a dedicated security officer to avoid potential hacks or attacks.
  • How often does the AI operate? AutoCrypto AI makes investment operations every 4-8 hours depending on its previous training results. AutoCrypto AI keeps training itself to improve performance.
  • Does the AI use our own Binance account? No, we don't have access to your Binance account.
  • Is it possible to lose everything to a bad move by the AI? No, AutoCrypto AI has a progressive stop loss to avoid that.
  • Are the funds that AI operates within our portfolio? No.
  • Does AI use $AU Token as currency to trade? No, $AU is a utility token with the only purpose of belonging to a Tier.
  • Can we withdraw the benefits of AI at any time? Yes, you can request to make a withdraw when AI finishes the daily movement.
  • Is it possible that if AI moves a large amount of money we can affect the market? It is indeed possible that we end up affecting the markets we invest in if we manage too much volume. To avoid this we'll diversify in different types of investment and we reserve our right to implement further limitations to higher tiers.
  • Is the fund that the AI has invested in the same way for all users? Yes.