Frequently Asked Questions

  • How can I request my corresponding Tier? If you buy/sell your Tier will be calculated automatically. If you are holding and the price changed you can claim your new Tier in the Dasboard -> My Tier. Only the BSC fees will be applied.

  • What are the Advantages of Vesting? 1. Vesting protects your token from hacks and malicious attacks. Only in 2021 we have prevented more than 40.000$ in $AU tokens to get stolen thanks to the vesting contract! 2. After 180 days, the withdrawal fee of your tier is reduced by 2%, for example in tier 2 (Initiate) it would go down from 9% to 7%. 3. If you have your tokens vested for a year you will be able to claim the next tier for free without having to invest more money. Remember that vesting your tokens does NOT block them, you can unvest them anytime you need.

  • Does something happen if I have a few decimals left to vesting? No, the calculation doesn't consider the decimals.

  • Will the dashboard have more functions in the future? Yes

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