Autocrypto token ($AU) is implemented under the Binance Smart Chain network, following the standard model of BEP-20 token. It’s a utility IDO token with the following use:

a) AutoCrypto investment services by entering at one of the tiers defined in the Tiers section

Token distribution

There will be a private presale with 10% of the available tokens, where the price will be 48,000 $AU per BNB, and a public presale with 44% of the total supply with a price of 44,000 $AU per BNB.

32% will go to liquidity and will be open for sale to the public on PancakeSwap in the BSC network. Each transfer of $AU will have a buy fee of 6% and a selling fee of 12% which will be distributed as follows:

1/3 Devs, 1/3 Rewards, and the last 1/3 will be burnt forever.

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