What is AutoCrypto Token

AutoCrypto Token $AU is the utility token that our project utilizes to manage users and distribute tiers.
In BscScan Profile, you can check all updated info
You can check the contract here
You can check holders here
You can check the graph here
AutoCrypto Token did a private presale and public presale before Launch.
  • Private Presale was from September 20th to October 2nd filled with 274 BNB of 300 BNB HC
  • Public Presale started on October 4th and was filled in 3 hours reaching the 1000 BNB HC
Unfortunately on October 15th at the moment of launch, we had a contract problem and we refund all public presale and repeat it again on October 17th filling it in seconds. $AU token was launched the same day.
Liquidity is blocked for 6 months renewable and you can check it here