All those users who properly filled out the form will be the Beta participants.

The currency for making deposits to the Smart Investor is USDT (Tether).

Access to the beta will be progressive. In each new batch will enter those whose wallets are in green color in the Excel (you can see it below). In orange color will be those who will enter in the next one.

  • Deposits: There's no minimum to deposit, and a maximum of 100 USDT. On the day of the deposit, the money remains unmoved, until the next day's iteration of the Smart Investor. You will see the results on the third day after the deposit.

  • Withdrawals: The minimum to withdrawal is 20 USDT. On the day you request your withdrawal, since your money is currently being handled by the Smart Investor it will not become effective until the next day.

You cannot deposit or make a withdrawal until 48 hours after the deposit or 24 hours after the withdrawal.

Remember that this is a Beta product and you may lose your investment!

This is the list of Beta Users:

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