AutoCrypto Vesting is a system that allows you to deposit your tokens in a Smart Contract to reduce the commission taken from your earnings on each TIER among other advantages.

The maximum reduction for each pool is 2% which is achieved gradually throughout a period of 6 months. In order to achieve the maximum reduction you will have to vest 100% of your tokens, otherwise, this period will be longer.

You can be promoted by vesting all your current tokens for 12 straight months. If you unvest them in the process the countdown will reset to 365 days.

You can vest $AU tokens in AutoCrypto Dashboard to have more benefits.

Vesting benefits:

  • 2x fortnightly rewards if you have 99%+ vested

  • Tokens securitized from hack attacks

  • You can get a free Tier after 12 months of continuous vesting

  • The Benefit fee of the AI decreases up to a -2% after 6 months of continuous vesting

How to vest:

Sign in at AutoCrypto Dashboard and go to Vesting:

In Vesting Tab, you can choose how many AU tokens to Vest and then approve this vest.

You can unvest your tokens when you want.

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