What is AutoCrypto Calls

Identify the best trading opportunities

If you are in any of our 4 tiers, it means that you have access to our premium tools for the Binance Smart Chain. Using these signals, you can get ahead of the market and operate efficiently.

Site Listing early notifications

Be the first one to invest in the Bullrun.
Get to know before anyone else when a currency is going to be listed on a famous exchange. We work with CMC, Okex, CoinTiger, HotBit, and many more.
Use our advanced tutorials to know how to operate in each of them and operate efficiently.


There’s room for everyone at the crypto sea.
It is a tool for tracking the portfolios that our AI considers most profitable, both by volume and by purchasing power. The so-called whales can make the market fluctuate with their movements, therefore, tracking their movements is critical to predict future fluctuations in asset prices.

Flash Loan attack detector

Be the first to notice Flash Loan attacks and make a profit from them.
Flash loan attacks happen more often than you might think. Many of the currencies that offer loans suffer this type of hacking, causing the value to drop momentarily close to 0.

Bear Market detector

We will identify the market status for a safe token to USDT change.
There are times when the market is unsettled, we will notify you when sentiment is bearish so you can withdraw your capital or transfer it to a stable currency such as USDT.
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Identify the best trading opportunities